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Baxter House is a London-based fashion manufacturing & customisation agency. We work with family-owned factories in Europe, committed to ethical practices and sustainable alternatives.


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What We Do

We’re a one-stop-shop for everything you might need when starting a fashion brand – everything from tech-packs, to samples, fabric and sourcing, prints, labels, to production delivered to your door.

One supplier. One invoice. Account management to keep you posted on everything. Collaborative technical support. Finished production. Order delivered to your door. That easy.

Choose from a huge library of quality and organic basics and accessories, and build your collection with custom personalization and labels. All packaged and delivered to your door in no time, ready to be sent out to your customers.

How it Works

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There is no “ball-park-number” for how much a product costs. Based on your pitch, we pull all the numbers, for the quantity and exact details of each product.

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Tech Pack

If you have them, great! If not, we’re doing them based on your references, and the product description you give us. Including size grading, later alterations, in both online format and paper (that we can later use for reorders).


We work with a portfolio of suppliers that cary an inventory of over 100,000 fabric styles in stock. We’re sure we can find what you’re looking for.


We transcript the ideas from (screen) paper to reality, and send them to you for approval before we start production. You’ll also receive different fabric swatches to choose from – and, if needed, make alterations on the samples, to insure we’re delivering your envisioned product.


From small family-owned ateliers, to big capacity factories, we work closely with our production team, to document different stages, insure quality control, and streamline communication, so you’re always in the loop.

Prints and Embroidery

Digital prints, screen prints, embroidery – and all personalisation you can think of. Let us know where and how you’d like your prints to go and we’ll go from there. 

Labels and Packaging

Brand labels, care labels, size labels, origin labels, composition labels, tags – we do them all, then pack products individually in poly bags. 


Bagged, sealed, delivered – with tracking number, and insurance, straight to your door. 


An email away. Usually cheaper per unit than the first development, reorders are the best way bring back your bestseller.

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The Impact of Fashion on the Planet

Often branded as the world’s second biggest polluter, fashion often makes the front pages. True or not, the industry uses lots of resources, pollutes air