In a nutshell: UK based sourcing & manufacturing agency, working with family-owned ateliers and factories in Europe, committed to ethical practices and sustainable alternatives. 

​Start up-friendly, low minimums, quick turnaround & technical support.


Want to start your brand and you’re overwhelmed with the amount of information on Google? 

Or do you have an up-and-running brand that’s looking for more than just a supplier (we don’t like you that way – we’re referring to a professional partnership, where we help you with production and sourcing)


​We’re a one-stop-shop for anything you might need for your brand – from patterns, fabric sourcing, labels, samples, to end-production delivered to your doorstep. 

Not to mention, technical and optimization support from our production managers. 

We don’t want to give you a ballpark number – that’s not the way we work (usually that just means something is expensive), but actually, we just want to know the number of details your products require (the retail price you’re going for might be helpful to understand the quality).


​We give you an estimated quote, for the quantity, and product specification ( we don’t have minimums per see, however, many categories -require higher volumes in order to absorb the development and initial costs – like basics, denim, knitwear, activewear, sports goods, swimwear etc ).

Once that’s approved, we put the pedal to the metal!  We move on to make the patterns, source the fabrics, and send you samples, as close to the finished product as possible. 

​With the samples, we’ll send fabric swatches to choose from, and make any changes to the initial design. 

After receiving your go-ahead, we’re ready to put everything in production!

Then update you on the exact delivery date and provide a tracking number.

​After receiving it, we ask you to take up to two weeks, check the quality, recount, and make sure you’re happy with your order. 

Then, we’re ready to plan the next collection!